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Anteaters (Myrmecophagidae)

Giant Anteater Giant Anteater Lesser Anteater or tamandua

    The family Myrmecophagidae has four species known as anteaters/ tamanduas, all of them occurring in the neotropical region. All of them occur in Brazil, except Tamandua mexicana.
    They are characterized by a long muzzle and also a long tong, highly adapted to capturing its food: insects, and mainly ants.
    By their morphological characteristics so distinct from another animals, the anteaters are easily recognized when they are seen.


Giant Anteater; Mymercophaga tridatyla; TamanduŠ-bandeira
Lesser Anteater or tamandua; Tamandua tetradactyla; TamanduŠ-mirim
Lesser Anteater or tamanduŠ; Tamandua mexicana; TamanduŠ-mirim
Silki Anteater; Cyclopes didactylus

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