Rock of the Mina-SP
(Altitude: 2.797m - 22º 25'38 " South 44º 50 ' 33 " West)
Pedra da Mina

1- In June of 1994 we had gone (Antonio Silveira and Rafael) in trip of recognition in the Fine Saw (Serra Fina), Mantiqueira, in the State of São Paulo, where we knew the Rock of the Mine (Pedra da Mina), one of the highest points of Brazil. The trip was made with helicopter of the Vatican Aerial Taxi, logistic collaborator of this program. In the chance filming and photographs of the region had been made.

Pedra da Mina2- We were in partnership with the site Green Guide (Guia Verde) (, the Aerial Vatican Taxi and the researcher Lorenzo Giuliano Bagini, which made the recent measurement of the Rock of the Mine, placing it as the highest point of the State of São Paulo and 4º of Brazil, we have returned in the Rock of the Mine in day 9 of June of 2000, with the intention to register the marking made by the geographic Lorenzo, as well as observing the fauna of the  place.
In this chance Antonio Silveira evidenced the presence of the Chorona (Schizoeaca moreirae, Itatiaia Spinetail), bird known as endemic in the saws of the Caparaó (Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo) of the Agencies, Itatiaia and in the high one of the State Park of the Disillusion, in agreement Rio De Janeiro Helmut Sick, Brazilian Ornithology. New Ed. Border, 1997.
This register is important, because perhaps it is the first published constatation of this specie in this altitude and in the State of São Paulo. Certainly the first observing in the place. By the way, two birds had been seen together, what it leads to believe to be a couple.

3- In day 22 of December of 2000 we come back again to the region of the Fine Saw, with the intention of continuing the observing of the local nature, also using the helicopter of the Vatican Aerial Taxi. In the source of the State of São Paulo of the Fine Saw in the next one to the Rock of the Mine, the Chorona (Schizoeaca moreirae, Itatiaia Spinetail) also answered to playback done by Antonio Silveira, evidencing itself thus its presence in this place with the altitude of about 2300 meters and confirming its presence in the State of São Paulo.
In about  2000 meters of altitude was evidenced the presence of the Kiss-flower-of-ear-violet (Colibri serrirostris, Colibri serrirostris, White-vented Violetear), by the way abundant in the place and of the Crown sparrow (Zonotrichia capensis; Rufous-collared Sparrow) had been taken off many photos and made filming with digital camera (Sony VX-1000) by Antonio Silveira.
Otherwise,  Lorenzo Giuliano Bagini had made photographic register for studies of geomorphology of the bulk.

Equipe da expedição: Silveira, Lorenzo e RafaelPS: The team that was in these three trips is composed by: Antonio Silveira, Rafael Hasson, Lorenzo Giuliano Bagini having as pilot Antonio Perovano.


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